Item collection 5141259 original Gallery hero 5141259 original

Chevron Stuffed Owl Toy Plush Mini Pillow Softie Purple Green Orange Lilac Minky


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Chevron Pillow Large Plush Owl Zig Zag Minky Gray White Nursery Decor


Item collection 5141199 original Gallery hero 5141199 original

Plush Giraffe Softie Stuffed Animal Baby Purple Lavender Lilac


Item collection 5141209 original Gallery hero 5141209 original

Stuffed Owl Toy Plush Mini Pillow Softie Blue Green Minky


Item collection 5141019 original Gallery hero 5141019 original

Chevron Polka Dot Elephant Softie Hot Pink Fuchsia Plush Animal Minky


Item collection 5141229 original Gallery hero 5141229 original

Memory Matching Game Wood Decoupage Birds


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Lovingly handmade items for little wonders.

Handmade for baby. Plush minky animals; elephants, dinosaurs, bunnies. Dolls, crocheted hats, soft blocks, cards and more.

Most items are made to order and ready to ship within 7 business days.

I love custom orders and would love to create the perfect gift or something for your own little one. Feel free to contact me to discuss details.